AniMed AniHeal for Horses (16 oz)

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  • The dressing acts as a protective layer
  • Use for minor wounds, skin irritation, and abrasions
  • Natural ingredients are routinely used in the manufacturing of these products

AniHeal is a liquid wound care dressing for dogs and horses that can be used for minor cuts, skin irritations, and abrasions. Natural ingredients make up the AniHeal formula. They work together to create a soft, pliable barrier around the wound.

Directions & Dosages

Use on skin irritations, cuts, abrasions and other minor injuries 2-3 times a day. Covering or wrapping the affected area is not recommended. If handled improperly, the product may stain fabrics. Applied directly to the wound as well as the surrounding area will yield the best results. A mild soap or alcohol can be used to remove residue buildup.

This is for external use only. Consult a veterinarian if the wound is deep or if it is burned badly. Discontinue use if redness, irritation, swelling, or pain persists. Animals and cats used to produce food cannot be treated with this product. This product cannot be consumed by humans. Don't get it in your eyes or mucous membranes.


Fish Oil, Raw Linseed Oil, Sporits of Turpentine, Balsam of Fir, Sulphuric Acid.