Banixx Wound Care Cream (8 oz)

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  • Anti-microbial cream works to prevent multiple fungal and bacterial issues.
  • Formulated to aid in the recovery of cuts, wounds, and skin infections.
  • Enriched with marine collagen that rebuilds damaged skin and hair.
  • Contains no paraben, alcohol, or steroids.
  • Made in the USA

As an infection fighter against multiple fungal & bacterial issues, Banixx first-aid wound care cream additionally contains sea-sourced amino acids (via superior moisturizing marine collagen) that fortify fibers, moisturize and repair damage while providing a deep-skin, gentle moisturizing action. This unique infection-care cream is exclusively formulated to aid in the recovery of any common equine/canine skin infections while rebuilding and replenishing the skin. Banixx Cream is chlorhexidine-based and contains no alcohol or steroids. Its deeply moisturizing, soothing action is non-toxic with no added color or fragrance and can be used daily for spot treatments.


Apply Banixx Wound Care cream liberally. Repeat twice daily until required results are clearly seen.


Active Ingredients: Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%.