Gotta Go Grass

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Unavailable For Shipment To AK, AZ, CA, & HI

Gotta Go Grass is an all-natural grass that is durable and thrives in most environments. The innovative trays interlock, allowing you to customize the size of the grass to fit your needs. As dog owners, we want the best for our furry friends.

Gotta Go Grass provides the comforts of Mother Nature that doggos love and makes them feel the love. Gotta Go Grass is for dogs of all ages, sizes, and is naturally safe to use. With Gotta Go, you spend less time worrying about walk time and more time enjoying them for a lifetime!


  • Natural Grass: Gotta Go Grass is living, healthy, and green grass grown in real soil. When your dog takes his first sniff, he smells nature.
  • Natural Absorption: Our special growing process uses fully-contained, real soil to recreate nature’s process for absorbing odor and liquids. There’s no real clean up. Just compost or dispose of the used grass and replace it with the new one delivered to your door.
  • Odor Control: Gotta Go Grass uses a special growing process that locks the soil in tight so there’s no dirt to contend with–and odors are taken care of Mother Nature’s way.
  • Interlocking Trays: Our pet safe, specially designed trays allow you to connect Gotta Go Grass to create the perfect space for your dog no matter what size he grows to be


  1. Open the box and set grass and tray in desired location, make sure it gets lots of light and air!
  2. Gotta Go Grass is a natural, living system. Long shipping intervals may cause some yellowing. Don't worry! Generally, within one day of opening the box and providing fresh air, the grass will regain it's lush green appearance.
  3. When utilized this grass would be treated as you would on a normal walk. Excrements should be removed as desired.
  4. If you notice Gotta Go Grass is drying out, apply a light watering.
  5. Maintaining Gotta Go Grass is up to your discretion. Feel free to trim, water, or clean with a paper towel.
  6. Gotta Go Grass will last from 2-4 weeks, depending on use and upkeep.
  7. Follow your local city or county guidelines for disposal options.

The One Tray Wonder: Grass With Tray

  • Each Gotta Go Grass is 16″ x 24″ perfect for dogs under 30 lbs. Including the tray allows you to keep a clean space with no mess or material falling through.

The Single Refill

  • The refill single pack is designed for those looking to refill their grass from previous purchases. The single Gotta Go Grass is 16″ x 24″.

The Double Deluxe: Two Grasses and Two Trays

  • This product comes with two Gotta Go Grasses and two interlocking trays. Each grass is 16″ x 24″. 

The Double Refill

  • This item includes two 16″ x 24″ Gotta Go Grasses. It is great for refilling your trays from a previous order. It does not come with trays.

Veterinarian approved, Made in the USA, & Farm Fresh For your Furry Friend.

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