Advantage Yard & Premise Spray (32 oz)

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Killing the fleas in your yard is one of the basic steps to getting rid of fleas on your pet. Advantage Yard & Premise Spray helps you do just that. With powerful ingredients to kill fleas and harmful ticks that can cause Lyme disease, Advantage Yard & Premise Spray is easy to use and effective for yards up to 16,000 square feet. Advantage Yard & Premise Spray can be sprayed on your yard, patio and sidewalks.

Directions & Dosage

Advantage Yard & Premise Spray is permitted for use on soil and vegetation around structures, lawns, turfs, and building foundations at a maximum height of 3 feet. Use this spray as a crack and crevice treatment for your driveway, patio, porch and other structural surfaces. 

Attach the sprayer to your hose and turn on water. Point in the direction you would like to spray. To stop, turn the sprayer control knob to the OFF position and turn off water.  When finished, relieve water pressure by turning the control knob back on until the line is depressurized and then turn back off. Disconnect the sprayer from the hose. 

To kill fleas and ticks in your lawn, mow your lawn a day or two before spraying. Then, spray in a slow, even sweeping motion, and be sure to cover the entire lawn surface where your pet normally goes. Spray under trees and ornamentals but avoid soaking young or flowering plants.


Esfenvalerate (S)-cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl-(S)-4-chloro-alpha-(1- methylethyl) benzeneacetate: 0.425%

  • Advantage gets to work quickly and continues to kill fleas
  • Kills flea larvae in the home