Avena Sativa Cleanser for Cats & Dogs

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Your pet's skin is arguably one of their most important organs. The use of natural, gentle cleansing products is essential to your pet's welfare. The Avena Sativa All Natural Ear Cleanser is a gentle, naturally soothing, oat extract-based cleanser for dogs and cats. Avena Sativa products also contain ceramides. Ceramides are moisturizing components typically found in the skin's protective layer, but your pet can become deficient in many skin conditions. The addition of ceramides to the oat extract formulation delivers a moisturizing, soothing, and gentle cleansing action for the pet's ears or skin. The Avena Sativa cleanser is soothing and restorative to irritated and damaged skin. Ceramides are a vital component of the lipid barrier and are essential for overall skin health. The solvent is non-sensitizing and non-toxic for your pet and contains no alcohol. Avena Sativa safely and efficiently traps and moves debris from your pet's skin, reducing irritation and putting a smile back on your pet's face.

Avena Sativa does not sting and contains no harsh cleansers, alcohol or added fragrance.

Directions & Dosage

Use Avena Sativa Cleanser solution for ears or larger skin areas to be cleansed.

Use Avena Sativa Cleansing Wipes for smaller areas such as skin folds and the outer ear. Wipes can be further moistened by adding a small amount of Avena Sativa Cleanser solution.


lactic acid, butylene glycol, oat extract, ceramides, malic acid

  • Moisturizes your pet's skin
  • Natural Skin Cleansing
  • Oat based formula
  • For both dogs AND cats
  • No alcohol or fragrance added