Aventi Kidney Complete for Dogs and Cats (300 g)

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Kidney failure can have devastating effects on your pet. Unfortunately, significant damage is done to kidney tissue before the signs and symptoms of kidney failure are revealed. Several metabolic consequences have already compromised the patient's body by then. However there is still time to initiate a Plan B in your dog or cat before kidney problems become irreversible. Aventi Kidney Complete is an all-in-one and easy-to-give supplement. It is specially made with a comprehensive formula that is designed to counteract each metabolic consequence of the kidney failure. There are safe and effective phosphate binders such as calcium carbonate, calcium lactate gluconate, and chitosan. Sodium bicarbonate acts as a buffer of metabolic acidosis and is recommended by IRIS. Prebiotics and probiotics act as blood cleansers and are known to metabolize uremic toxins containing nitrogen. Vitamins B and C are blood builders that contribute to red blood cell metabolism. Chitosan, vitamin C, olive oil extract provide body antioxidant support. Help your pet enjoy a long and healthy life supported by strong kidneys with Aventi Kidney Complete.

Directions & Dosage

Aventi Kidney Complete comes in a powder form that can be applied to moist food. A small scoop is 0.6 grams and one scoop is given for ever 2.5 kg of body weight. A large scoop is 2.4 g and one scoop is given for every 10 kg of body weight.


Ingredients in one small scoop include: Calcium carbonate (156 mg), Calcium lactate gluconate (96 mg), Chitosan (48 mg), Sodium bicarbonate (36 mg), Fructooligosaccharides, FOS (120 mg), Lactobacillus acidophilus (180 millions CFU), Lactobacillus plantarum (60 millions CFU), Vitamin B6 (3 mg), Vitamin B9 (1,20 mg), Vitamin B12 (0,06 mg), Vitamin C (30 mg), and Olive oil extract (12 mg).

  • Assists in removing waste from the body
  • Helps the kidney regulate blood pressure
  • Assists in controlling calcium metabolism