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Posted by Bentley & Bella on 20th Jul 2016

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Behavioral training for your pet is a topic that could easily fill countless articles and books with a thousand different ways to help you & your pet live a better life. However, there are a few general basics that any and every owner could use for training.

These tricks are fun building blocks that will help your dog to better understand his or her boundaries, and may even prevent a serious problem in the future (such as eating a toxic substance). Check out these tricks below, and have some fun learning with your dog!

Great Building-Block Tricks:

Wait: Wait is a great command to teach your dog that he needs to stay put for a time, but will be able to go about his business after. Wait differs from the traditional “Stay” command in that you do not need to return to your dog to tell him it’s safe to go. Wait can also be used at doorways and other entrances to have him wait until he can safely go through.

Begin by having your dog sit with a leash on, and ask him to “Wait”. Stand beside him, count a few seconds, and then offer a treat. Once he is good with sitting calmly beside you, you can then increase the time and add a little distance. Take a step back, wait a few seconds, then tell him “Ok” and treat. The same technique is used at doors, only slowly open the door more and more over time rather than move away from your dog.

Leave it: Leave it is another great command, and teaches your dog they are not to touch/pick-up/eat the item you are telling them to leave. Most dogs will pick up this trick quickly, and can be helpful if you accidentally drop something dangerous to them.

Begin with a treat in your hand that is of medium value to your dog, and have high value treats hidden but accessible. Show the treat to your dog, and tell him to “Leave it”. If he goes for the treat, close your hand and wait until he stops showing interest, looks away or backs off. Quickly praise him and then give him the higher value treat you had hidden. Once he is good at leaving it in your hand, you can move on to placing the treat in other locations, using non-treat toys, or even dropping it on the ground.

Take it: Take it teaches your dog that what you are offering him is safe to take. This is a very easy trick to teach and just involves stating “Take it” before giving any approved treat or toy. You can encourage more “Take it” opportunities by playing a game of tug or fetch where your dog will have to return the object to you.

Is Obedience Class Right for You?

Even having learned a few basic tricks, obedience classes are always a great way to bond with your dog. They will help you both establish ground rules, learn to communicate and work together, and will set-up a positive start to your lifetime together!

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