Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment Device Only

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Innovative Treatment for Canine Anxiety

Calmer Canine devices employ a specifically-tuned targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) signal targeting the brain that is proven to reduce canine separation anxiety, plus help relieve noise, travel, social, and other anxieties in dogs.

tPEMF therapy with Calmer Canine allows the brain to heal and restores calm by:

  • INCREASING nitric oxide (NO) production
  • INCREASING production of “feel good” hormones (like endorphins)
  • REDUCING inflammation
  • REDUCING damage to the brain and cell death

Clinically Proven

Just two 15-minute treatments daily for four to six weeks have been shown to significantly reduce signs of separation anxiety with lasting effects. In some dogs, Calmer Canine has shown to reduce the effects of anxiety during the first treatment.

Calmer Canine has been has been shown to work without other treatments or training and is safe to use with other solutions for anxiety, such as medications.

Many Ways to Use

The Calmer Canine treatment system includes a tPEMF device and an easy to use vest that holds the device in the proper position. The device is battery-operated (battery included) and the vest is machine-washable. Treatment is gentle and sensation-free. Comes in five sizes.

If your dog dislikes wearing garments or dislikes the sound of hook and loop fasteners, the tPEMF device can be purchased alone, with therapy applied by holding the device in place by hand. Or, you can purchase additional vests for your Calmer Canine treatment system to use on wash day!

About Assisi Animal Health

Assisi Animal Health products deliver targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) therapy in portable, easy-to-use devices. Our breakthrough technology delivers a signal that is specifically tuned to either reduce inflammation/accelerate healing or reduce canine separation anxiety

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