Clenz-a-dent ProDen Plaque-Off (40 g)

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Clenz-a-dent is a complete line of dental care products for dogs and cats that is easy to use to increase pet owner compliance and offers enhanced efficacy driven by new molecules and delivery systems. Bacteria in the mouth produce a matrix called a bio-film in which they hide and multiply. The bio-film grows to form dental plaque which in turn gets mineralized into calculus. RF2 fights plaque and calculus where they originate by breaking down and destroying the bio-film. 

Clenz-a-dent Plaque Off for Dogs & Cats is a highly palatable food additive that is top dressed daily on the pet’s food to help reduce plaque and calculus. No additives, preservatives, sugar or gluten; rich in natural iodine.

Directions & Dosage

Administer on food daily

Cats & Dogs - 2-20 lbs - 1/2 spoon

Dogs - 20-50 lbs - 1 spoon

Dogs > 50 lbs - 2 spoons


Purified Ascophyllum Nodosum D1070, Additive-free, Rich in natural iodine. 

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    Clenz-a-dent for Dogs

    Reviewed on 27th Jul 2020 by Jane Farris

    This is a great way to take care of my dogs' teeth. the vet tells me that their teeth are fine!! Easy to use and they eat it.

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    Reviewed on 3rd Apr 2019 by jane

    One of our vets recommended this for our dogs. It is easy to use and their teeth are clean and breath remains fresh.

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    Reviewed on 9th Feb 2018 by wanda mckinnon

    this is an excellent product for my 2 cleans their teeth which gets rid of plaque and keeps their teeth nice and white.they love this product.the seller is awesome any problems they deal with them wright away with no problems.thanks wanda.

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    Clean teeth and good breath

    Reviewed on 17th Aug 2017 by LobojaneROMA CIRC

    I started using this product on our two older dogs. Their teeth and breath improved. Now our 8-year old beagle and 2 year-old border collie mix use it. The beagle gets a good teeth score at the vet and the border is still really young so no tartar yet. I recommend this for dogs and cats.

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    Good Product

    Reviewed on 6th Jan 2017 by Carole

    I've been using Clenz-a-dent for 2-3 years and it seems to help with my dogs' plaque. One of my dogs tends to get a lot of tartar so anything that will slow that down I'm willing to try. They still get tartar but not as much as before I started using this product.

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    Seems to work or at least help..

    I've been using Clenz-a-dent for my dogs for about 3 years. It seems to help. They still get tartar but don't seem to get as much as before. It's easy to use and doesn't cost that much so I'm willing to keep using it and would recommend it.

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    This works.

    I've been using Clenz a Dent for a couple of years and it does seem to help with tartar buildup. It's very easy to sprinkle on food so it's easy to put into your dog's feeding routine. I would definitely recommend this product.