Credo SC Insecticide (30 oz)

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CredoSC Insecticide, specifically formulated for the poultry industry, provides premise control of darkling beetles. Credo SC Insecticide is an effective single-dose application, specifically formulated for the poultry industry, that provides premise control of both adults and larval darkling beetles. It is labeled for banded or broadcast application. One 30 oz bottle treats a 20,000 sq ft poultry house using banded application. It contains imidacloprid (42.8%), the active ingredient proven to provide effective insect control. Credo SC Insecticide can rotate with Tempo products to manage darkling beetle resistance.

Directions & Dosage

Band Application: When darkling beetles are concentrated in certain areas, such as under feed or water lines, or along the perimeter walls, it may not be necessary to treat the entire poultry house. In these situations, certain portions of the house, or bands, may be treated. For example, apply diluted Credo SC Insecticide to: a 3-foot wide band of litter under all of the feed and/or water lines in the house; a 3-foot wide band of litter adjacent to the side and end walls; and the lower section of the walls, including 1 foot up onto wood surfaces above the foundation. Be sure to measure the actual area (square feet) to be treated in order to determine the amount of Credo SC Insecticide needed for the application. Whole House Application: When darkling beetle infestation is severe, the entire house may need to be treated. Apply diluted Credo SC Insecticide as a broadcast spray to the litter covering the entire floor area, especially to litter under feed and water lines, as well as to the lower sections of walls, including 1 foot up onto wood surfaces above the concrete foundation.


Imidacloprid 42.8%

  • Controls darkling beetle adults and larvae
  • One dose effective and easy to use
  • Stops the damage and risks that darkling beetles cause