Dermoscent Bio Balm (50 mL)

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Repair and protect the dry skin, nose, paws, and calluses of dogs with Dermoscent BIO BALM. Organic-certified ingredients are the foundation of this hydrating formula. Rehydrating the dry skin of dogs is the purpose of our special formulation. The balm is water-resistant to provide long lasting relief and protection. Dermoscent BIO BALM nourishes and protects the paws and nose, and it helps treating non-infected calluses (also referred to as callous skin), particularly pressure point calluses at the elbow level. Dermoscent BIO BALM is also indicated for superficial abrasions of the skin, and it soothes interdigital irritations. It offers a steroid free solution as a solo or adjunctive care to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. Dermoscent BIO BALM has been specifically formulated to help nourish and rebuild the skin and its barrier defenses.

Directions & Dosage

Apply Dermoscent BIO BALM on clean and dry areas, particularly on the nose, elbows, paws and in the interdigital areas of the dog. It can be applied one or more times a day as needed. To achieve a comfortable and optimal use of this balm with a rich texture, it is recommended to store the jar at a temperature between 15C and 25C.


The formula of Dermoscent BIO BALM contains vegetable oil from soybean and essential oil of cajputi, and it does not contain any mineral oil. Active ingredients include: glycine max seed oil, elaeis guineenses seed oil, cetyl palmitate, soothing agent, allantone, melaleuca cajputi oil, and 100% organic excipient.

  • 100% natural products, organic certified
  • Use on problem skin areas such as hyperkeratotic noses or pads, calluses, thickened skin, and dry, cracked pads
  • Rapidly absorbed and waterproof
  • Does not contain mineral oil or petroleum-based ingredients
  • For use with dogs