Keto-Diastix Reagent Strips for Urinalysis (100 count)

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Bayer Keto-Diastix are reagent strips used for urinalysis of glucose that can be found in urine. Bayer Keto-Diastix offers a simple, fast and convenient method of testing urine for both glucose and ketone to help alert you and your doctor of changes in your condition.

Directions & Dosage

Dip reagent end of strip in fresh urine and remove immediately. While removing draw the edge of the strip against the rim of the urine container to remove excess urine. Compare reaggent side of test areas with corresponding color charts at athe times specified.

  • Visual reagent strip test for both urine glucose and ketone
  • Provides fast, convenient way of testing urine for the presence and concentration of glucose and ketone