Max & Molly Beef Liver Powder for Dogs (100 g)

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Max & Molly is an irresistibly tasty beef liver treat that is sourced and made in Canada. How? By simply cutting quality beef liver into small bite size pieces and finely milling the quality beef liver pieces into powder. We then use the freeze drying process to keep the powder fresh and stable in the package. What makes the freeze drying process different? This innovative preservation process avoids resorting to heat treatment or the addition of chemical preservatives and ultra-high temperature processing. Therefore, your beef liver powder keeps all its natural nutritional qualities and delicious taste, right to the bottom of the jar! This freeze dried beef liver powder can be used as a meal mixer or topper.

Directions & Dosage

Serve as a treat to spoil, train or reward your pet. You can also mix the treats into regular kibble as a meal flavour enhancer. Morsel sizes will vary. Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Reseal the bag after use. No refrigeration required.


100% natural beef liver. And nothing else.
A great source of iron, vitamins A, B9, B12 and high quality proteins in a low calorie additive.

  • 100% Natural Beef Liver
  • Sourced in Canada and New Zealand
  • Can be mixed into regular kibble as a meal flavor enhancer
  • No refrigeration required