SeniLife for Elderly Dogs (30 count)

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Senilife is a diet supplement with a neuroprotective effect (protection of neurones against degenerative processes) for successful brain aging, indicated for the pathophysiological brain aging of elderly animals (dogs and cats).

Complementary to medical and behavioural treatment for recovery of the adaptive capacity in the event of behavioural, emotional and cognitive disorders associated with aging (e.g. confusional syndrome, involutional depression, dysthymia, hyper-aggressiveness, anxiety or phobic states).

Directions & Dosage


Less than 30 lbs. - 1 capsule
30 lbs. - 50 lbs. - 2 capsules
51 lbs. and greater - 3 capsules


Any weight - 1 capsule


Phosphatidylserine - 25 mg, Ginkgo Biloba extract - 10 mg, Vitamin B6 - 20.5 mg, & Vitamin E - 33.5 mg.

  • SeniLife for Elderly Dogs (30 count)
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    Reviewed on 7th Feb 2020 by Peggy Kunkle

    I have had our 17 year old dachshund on Senilife for some time now and he does have health problems, but Senilife has helped his mental state even though he has physical ailments. Without this supplement I don't think he would be as alert at 17 as he is now. Plus this supplier is the best at delivering an order.

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    I am happy to have found a supplier much closer to my location. Without Senilife I am certain my 16 year old dachshund would not be the dog he is today because of "doggie dementia". Senilife has certainly helped him , and us too!

    Reviewed on 11th Dec 2019 by Peggy Kunkle

    My dog Seth thanks you!

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    A miraculous improvement

    Reviewed on 7th Mar 2016 by Rita

    My 14 year old Jack Russell terrier was exhibiting dementia behaviors: staring at the wall, constant crying and wakefulness at night, going to the wrong side of the door to go in or out. I wasn't getting much sleep either! My vet recommended Senilife, and I could see a difference in a week's time. After a month, my dog was sleeping through the night (me too!) and seemed peppier and less confused. It's now been several months, and he is doing fine on one capsule every other day. I prefer to cut the capsule and squeeze the liquid on his food in the evening, and he has no problem with it. I wonder if they make this for people?! Your dog may be different, but I find the result worth the cost.

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    Wonderful Product

    My 16 year old dog was diagnosed with dementia I- I/2 years ago. This product has really helped with his everyday function.