Thera-Bites Liver Support (45 count)

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To maintain healthy liver function, specifically in the context of early stages of liver disease, hepatotoxic treatments (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, chemotherapy, phenobarbital, etc.) and food intoxication.

Directions & Dosage

< 22lbs - 1 chew daily

22 - 55lbs - 1 chew daily

> 55lbs - 2 chews daily


Milk thistle extract (silymarin) (100 mg), Artichoke leaf extract (50 mg), Zinc (10 mg), Vitamin B1 (5 mg), Vitamin B2 (5 mg), Vitamin B5 (10 mg), Vitamin B6 (5 mg), Vitamin B12 (0.01 mg)

Guaranteed Analysis

Min. Crude Protein: 17.8%

Min. crude fat: 10.3%

Max crude fiber: 0.8%

Max moisture: 16.5%

  • Helps maintain normal liver function in dogs
  • Contains Milk Thistle seed known to protect the liver and promote regeneration
  • Additional Liver support thanks to artichoke leaf extract, zinc, & Vitamins B2, B5, B6, B12
  • Tasty chicken liver flavor