Bayer Tempo Ultra Premise Insect Repellent Spray (240 mL)

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The active ingredient in TEMPO SC Ultra is beta-cyfluthrin, which is powerful against pests with no odor and less visible residue. It allows for more even disbursement during application. Tempo SC Ultra effectively controls a broad spectrum of indoor, outdoor and turf and ornamental pests. Makes up to 30 gallons for indoor use and treats 30,000 sq. ft. outdoors. Tempo SC Ultra effectively controls over 100 different types of indoor, outdoor, turf and ornamental insect pests. Tempo SC Ultra is a suspension concentrate that delivers the power of a powder formulation in a liquid. It's easy to use too! It is less messy to handle, needs less agitation and is more evenly dispersed during application than other products. Tempo SC Ultra has no odor, is non-staining and has a long lasting residual of up to 3 months. Tempo SC Ultra has a high insect mortality rate, so you don't waste time and money on retreating areas.