Small Animal & Bird Health Kit Essentials

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 16th Mar 2016

For minor injuries or when you can’t always get to the vet, having a toolkit of items for your small pet or bird is essential. These items are useful for treating minor injuries and illnesses, and … read more

Save Your Dog’s Skin!

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 4th Mar 2016

If your dog is constantly scratching, this article is for you! Skin issues can be a big problem for dogs, but there are ways to help combat it and offer some relief. Here are some of the most commo … read more

​Basic Grooming Essentials for your Horse

Posted by Rob Bogenholm on 4th Mar 2016

When most horse owners think of grooming, they imagine brushing, bathing and clipping their horses, or they imagine their horse rolling in a mud pile immediately after! Yet grooming is more than … read more

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Posted by Mr. Bentley & Ms. Bella on 16th Feb 2016

February is national Pet Dental Health Month, which is all about ensuring your pets have great teeth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums can prevent loss of teeth and illness later on in life, save yo … read more