How to Spot Anxiety in Your Dog

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 6th Jan 2016

Separation Anxiety is common in dogs, & the holidays can be very tough on dogs that have built up a routine throughout the year. Unfortunately, it is also one of the leading causes that so many d … read more

An Overview of Common Canine Vaccines

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 2nd Nov 2015

Common Dog Vaccines Explained Vaccines are important to keeping your dog safe, as well as other dogs and people in the community. Here are some of the most commonly given vaccines to dogs, so you … read more

Bringing Home a Shelter Pet

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 2nd Nov 2015

Bringing home a new pet from the shelter is a great way to find a new companion while saving the life of a homeless pet! Just like bringing home a new puppy or kitten, bringing home a shelter p … read more

Neutricks Soft Chews for Senior Dogs

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 21st Oct 2015

Neutricks, the company that brought you it's great supplement for senior dog brain health has improved things again! The company has moved away from its original tablet form with a new soft chew. I … read more

​How Often Should you Bathe Your Dog?

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 28th Sep 2015

If you’ve ever owned a dog, then you know just how quickly a clean, shiny coat can get dirty! Unfortunately, there is a lot of contradicting advice about how often and what to use when bathing y … read more