Optixcare Eye Cleaner (100 mL)

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Many irritants can lead to build up in the eyes of your pet, causing discomfort and irritation. Optixcare Eye Cleaner is an eye cleaning solution restores the clear eyes you know and love on your pet by cleansing the eye of secretions, sticky mucus, crusty debris and irritants such as pollen, ragweed and dust. Our special formula soothes burning and irritated eyes and can be used for routine cleaning or for removal of known irritants. Optixcare Eye Cleaner dissolves dry matter in the eye and flushes other contaminants out of they eye to eliminate discomfort and irritation.

Directions & Dosage

Flush Optixcare Eye Cleaner directly onto the affected area of the eye or apply it using an Optixcare Eye Cleaning wipe or lint free pad. Massage the solution gently into the affected stain or debris around the eye and wipe away any excess matter. For heavy tear staining, apply Optixcare Eye Cleaner twice daily for two weeks and then as often as needed for maintenance. Optixcare Eye Wipes can be used for light tear staining. Stop using Optixcare Eye Cleaner and contact your veterinarian if any signs of irritation appear.


Optixcare Eye Cleaner contains chamomile and hyaluron to gently clean, soothe and hydrate the eye and surrounding area. Our safe and gentle formulation has no peroxide, bleaches, borate, or toxic chemicals. Our all-natural ingredients include: sterile water, PEG 80, polysorbate 80, hyaluron, sodium citrate, disodium EDTA, sodium chloride, sodium perborate, and chamomilla recuitita.

  • Helps with removal of ocular secretions, sticky mucus, crusty debris and irritants such as pollen, ragweed & dust
  • Soothes burning, stinging, irritated eyes
  • Aids in reducing or removing tears staining and facial fold odors