Shapley's Hi Shine Shampoo (1 qt)

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  • Cleans and shines the coat with a gentle formula that will not dry out the skin or hair
  • Lather cuts through tough stains and surface oil without stripping natural oils
  • For a diluted version, mix this clarifying shampoo with water before applying to your wet coat
  • No residue is left behind, even in cold water, and it can be used every day
  • After just one wash, you will have a clean, shiny coat, mane, and tail.

It has a mild formula that won't dry the skin or hair out and gives the coat a deep clean and superior shine. It cuts through tough stains and surface oils while leaving natural oils intact. Clarifying shampoo can be applied directly to a wet coat or diluted with water. You can use it every day with no residue, even with cold water. Just one wash will leave the coat, mane, and tail clean, shiny, and much easier to brush.

Directions & Dosages

When adding water from a hose, squirt a good amount of Hi Shine into a bucket so that there are lots of bubbles and the shampoo is well mixed with it. If you have tough stains on your coat, you can use Hi Shine directly on it. With Hi Shine Shampoo you can clean off Original MTG (that's it! Plus!) on a horse's coat, mane, or tail without removing natural oils from the hair. If Original M-T-G (and plus) has been applied directly to the area where it was removed, it will be most effective if used undiluted. You can use Hi Shine every day, but don't get it in your horse's eyes or nose. The horse's coat will be left looking beautiful after rinsing out Hi Shine. Whenever you bathe a horse, use a rubber hand mitt or curry comb to scrub the horse really well. It would be ideal to sponge the horse with sudsy water after washing it thoroughly with shampoo. After one has washed their hair with Hi Shine, a conditioning product such as Shapley's Natural Elegance can be applied for additional conditioning.