Shapley's Magin Sheen Hair Polish (1 qt)

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  • Enhances the shine of the coat, reduces hair loss, and repels dirt and stains
  • To minimize damage and breakage from brushing, the cap protects the hair shaft and keeps tail and mane hair tangle-free.
  • The product won't deplete natural oils or strip moisture, so it's a safe choice for everyday use
  • Has no chemical smell and won't dry out your hair
  • This unique formula can be used to detangle manes and tails and make their coats look sleek and velvety whether wet or dry

Shapley's Magic Sheen is a silicone blend that provides exceptional sheen. Does not cause hair to dry out and has no chemical odor. Cleans and reduces dirt and stains while grooming time. To detangle manes and tresses, you can use our unique formula, dry or wet. Make a velvet coat that has a sleek tail. The product is safe to use every day.

Directions & Dosages 

Wet or dry coatings can be treated with Magic Sheen. If you plan to braid manes or tails, do not apply Magic Sheen there since it will make the areas slick. Keep tail hair from tangling and debris from getting entangled with Magic Sheen a few times a week. Magic Sheen will repel dust and dirt for up to a week after application.