Ceragyn Uterine Lavage (2 oz)

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Uterine lavage is an important treatment option for mares that are susceptible to persistent or chronic endometritis and other uterine pathologies. For mares with retained fluid prior to insemination, flushing the uterus via Ceragyn Uterine Lavage up to 4 hours prior to insemination can help to increase a mares chance for successful pregnancy. For the treatment of post breeding endometritis, the best results are found using Ceragyn Uterine Lavage from 6-48 hours after breeding. 

Directions & Dosage

Lavage as necessary, depending on the mares condition. Lavage can be used multiple times up to 24 hrs prior to breeding. After a minimum of 12 hrs post breeding, the mare can be lavaged or infused. Typical protocol would be to lavage the mare 12-24 hrs after breeding with the option to use the Infuse product daily (as necessary) up to the time of the closure of the cervix.